Λειτουργικά Νευρολογικά Συμπτώματα


Kathryn 28th March 2011

This site has been incredibly helpful. I started having black-outs, weakness & confusion a couple of years ago. I went to Mayo in Jax last fall. They were unable to diagnose anything, just eliminated some serious diseases. Your site perfectly explained my symptoms and gave me an idea of how best to live with this and/or get help.Bless you! Bless you! Bless you!

Gail 14th March 2011
hi i was diagnosed with conversion disorder in 09. I had left sided weakness dizzy spells and spent lot of time sleeping. I went to a psychiatrist and was told nothing wrong with me all in my mind, got sacked from work cos i got my licence revoked, psychiatrist thought this would make me better. Put lot of pressure stress on my partner he walked out that put load more stress on to me. Symptoms changed excruciating headaches felt so physically ill couldnt walk 3 weeks. Got over that went on holiday to turkey may 10 had great time only lost my leg once just woke up in the morning night time. I still couldnt walk properly my left eye was like a sharp pain behind it something pulling didnt lose my vision just hurts and some days it still does. i wear glasses i got 1 short an 1 long sighted ive put it down to eye strain. i have pain in my hips right knee and ankle which ive put down to old age. im 47 yrs old my left wrist hurts most days gets worse when im tired. I was told it was because i drove a car. by a behavioural therapist who deals in eating disorders. My 1st gp thought it was amusing and didnt believe me he even laughed at me. ive moved on with my life i got new job working with severe learning difficulties ive been getting loads pain but just get on with it. my way dealing with it is to ignore it. mind over matter - it dont work really. but just have to learn to live with it. pretty good these therapists and psychiatrist replace one set stress and dump a heap more nice, i thought i was going mad . therapist told me i had a serious psychiatric condition when asked to explain she told me that im normal dont need any medication and im neurotic and hysterical, well i can only be one or the other and i wasnt before any of this started but ended up like that. i dont tell anybody how i feel now dont complain or go gp im not believed so not worth telling.

Gaynor 7th March 2011
I have just been diagnosed with functional neurological disorder (after a previous diagnosis of CFS and Fybromyalgia ) getting gradually worse and worse with no break in between, the neurologist said I may have it for life, or one day I may wake up and be totally normal, I was referred after a weekend when I couldn't walk at all, I have been on anti depressants for about 20 years, now on citalopram 40mg and cocodamol in differing strengths depending on my pain, tramadol, and diazapam, which gave me the first real pain relief I have had for years. It took me two weeks to walk again. I asked if it was likely to happen again, and he couldnt answer, he told me it wasn't in my mind, and referred me to this website for further reading. I have had the physio for CFS which made no difference, i.e. stopping before I get tired, dont go mad and do everything on a day when I feel well, (which I havent had for 8 years). I havent worked, since 2002 as I can fall asleep at any point, I cant walk up stairs, have no memory for tasks, and need a lot of reminding of what I am doing and when I am doing it,. I do feel at times that I am going mad. If this is the back end of hyperprolactinaemia, then I wouldnt wish it on anyone. So far I am just getting worse with more numbness and weakness in my legs, I spasm at night and need help to move, I hurt from head to to, and I am really fed up, although I wouldnt say this is depression, having had it. I dont want to hide myself away, but I wont go anywhere on my own as my legs could give out at any point. Sorry about that, I just feel so frustrated that there still isnt a real name for what is wrong with me, just that I do have neurological problems, but ones where no damage is being caused. Strange that I dont fully recover after each bad bout, I would love to walk properly again, one day to wear heels, to raise my arms above my head without them dying. And now the visual problems have started all over again!

Mo 1st March 2011
I was diagnoised with functional neurological disorder in Jan 1011 after 2 years of symptoms. What i find hard is how to explain to people what i have without them thinking its a pyscological problem!! Im learning to cope and adapt to my life which i take a day at a time, so for people around me to understand would help me

James 20th February 2011
wow a great site, i was taken to hospital with a stroke syntems weakness speech problems etc.. but no scan for five days so they said they can not be sure. its taken over my life from three years ago now i cant cut hair. fell downstairs alot memory problems under pressure stutter speech etc.. so again back for more scans any advice for me thanks james

Joanne 15th February 2011
I was diagnosed with somatisation disorder and migraine on Friday 4th February. The last 18 months have been so difficult, with doctors telling me that as women get older we have to learn to live with pain. and A&E doctors saying im wasting their time and theres nothing wrong with you!! Im 38, i have a full time job although havent been to work since last November, mainly due to the disorder which has progressed into chronic pain throughout my body and my legs becoming paraylsed. causing a callapse,this happeneds,most of the time with very little warning, the warning signs i do get include lower back pain, pain in my legs and burning sensations,abdominal pain,feeling dizzy, confusion and a loss of memory meaning not being able to put the correct words together to complete a sentence. I remain fully concious throughout but my eyes become very glazed and i begin to stare, this lasting a few mins. I have to lie down or sit down and my legs become very heavy making walking impossible.This has happened on many occassions including at work. I have had many tests, many blood tests for rare conditions,mri scans, ct scans,eeg,abdominal scans, xrays for chest and bowel..the list goes on..and they have all come back normal. It does tend to affect the left side of my body although it has happened both sides. I collapsed many times on the ward while in hospital and luckily for me the specialists and nurses were very sympathetic and helpful. I am now waiting for an appointment to come through the post to see a psychologist. It has caused a lot of stress and upset to myself and my family especially my children. I am trying very hard to think posative and thank you for sites like this which i am finding very helpful xx

Amanda 6th February 2011
I was diagnosed on friday with somatisation disorder and migraine variant...and a few other things i also have chronic fibromyalgia as well ..its been so hard the past 18 months. I'm almost 40 i was working a full time mum then i started having blackouts for no reason.. no warnings.. i'd be out for a long time. One happened at work and left me with an almighty headache after and blurred vision..ive had mri scans and every kind of test possible seen upteen consultants for finally someone to tell me im not losing my mind on friday and that all the sypmtoms im having are here on this site...chronic pain,bowel incontinence (ibs) and other .memory loss lack of concentration ,mobility is almost none, tremors are horrendous ,headaches almost every day and can last days crying all the time, lack of sleep or getting up at ridiculous times and not being able to go back to sleep...getting my words backwords when talking to people...tingling sensations in both my hands and numbness. it only affects my whole right side of the body im so embarressed when the tremors start cause there so violent and make my head shake to. my 10 yr old daughter has had to take on the role of carer as im not able to do most things with my body and i want it back desperately....friday was the first time i felt hope..

Ian 4th February 2011
Thanks for providing this resource! As a NHS Physiotherapist trained to look at the body more like a machine the symptoms described make little sense but are extremely common (particularly in complex or ongoing pain problems). Have you heard of Sandra Blakeslee's book The Body has a mind of its own? The site , www.thebodyhasamindofitsown.com describes the science,and the book is readable too. I hope more Drs and therapists take an interest in understanding these problems as they are extremely common! Perhaps the dualistic divide in medicine will be a litte less of a gulf with more understanding?

Brian 4th February 2011
Hi all. I have finally been diagnosed with FDNS. I worked for the cable company and had to go on disability cause I was more a danger to myself then anything. What started me to finally see a doctor bout it was I was on a pole trying to work and my left hand/arm started to lock and curl up. At first I thought it was carparl tunnel so my GP sent me to a hand orthodonist but when he had me do some tests he found it wasnt carpral. He sent me to a Neurologist who actually listened to me and is helping me understand this. I am going for my EEG next week, already had nerve test done which showed unusal twitching and a MRI which was normal. I recently had to move back home since I am still on work disability. I have trouble cooking for myself cause my right side has started shaking and tremors also. I also have migraines/blackouts. The tunnel vision and my stutter which i had as a kid gets worse when I try to talk to long. What took so long on seeing the doctor, well I turned 40 last year and just thought it was part of growing old. Here we might have found a start for when mine started happening. I got injured in basic when I joined the army. Got whiplash real bad for 2 weeks and instead of recylcing me they decided to have me play catch up. I was fine till I got to my duty station in germany. Thats when I had my first seizure. The medics wanted to take me in but my sergeant wouldnt let them. He told them I was just faking it.I still get the seizures but not as bad maybe once a year. The migraine/blackouts I get more. So for years I just never thought anything on the seizures and thought they either just my being out of shape cause it was like hyperventaliateing.The tremors started about 10 yrs ago but I thought it was just carpral tunnel and just worked with it. As the years started going it got worse and worse till flash forward where I almost fell off that pole.I was placed on epitol for a few months but that didnt help, now I am taking celaxa but just started that. I had a major black out where I collapsed on the floor about a month ago. Which prompted my neuro to start doing some other tests and directed me to this sight along with seeing a pyschchiatrist. But where I had back surgery and fell twice on the ice and lost all feeling in my legs. I have to use a cane to help walk, especially really far. So my neuro agreed with me to apply for perm disability cause of that but keep up with my check ups so we can find a diagnose and get it to where its controllable if possible.

Kay 31st January 2011
I am an OT and have recently received a referral for someone diagnosed with this condition. I wanted to say how useful your website is. So very clear and answers the patient's questions in way that is very easy to understand. I have saved it as a favourite. Thank you.